Wind Damage and Your Home

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A weather forecast calling for gusting winds is most often overlooked by the public. Perhaps it does not sound as bad as a “winter storm warning” or a “hurricane watch”, but unfortunately, the power of wind is highly underestimated. The force of wind is something that should not be taken lightly, and its threat to the safety of your home should not be ignored.

Minimize your risks for home damages and danger by following these tips the next time the weather man is calling for strong winds:

Bring in and Secure Outdoor Items

Most people keep unsecured items out during weather conditions of high winds, and only realize that they should have secured them after one of those items flew through the window of their home or blew away down the street. Objects left outdoors during wind storms generate two kinds of predicaments. They can potentially injure your home, property, family and others and can also be lost or ruined, creating a financial loss for you and your family.

With the safety of your family, home, and others being of the utmost importance, it is important to remember to bring in loose objects, such as outdoor furniture, sports equipment, signs, etc. For the larger items, ensure that they are properly secured and positioned to the ground to avoid as much damage as possible. For example, if you have a basketball net in your driveway, carefully place it on its side and tie it down so it cannot blow away. You may think to yourself that you are “overdoing it”, but it is better to over prepare than have a basketball net lodged into your car windshield.

Close and Shield Doors and Windows

Closing the windows and doors may be an obvious step to take during weather conditions of high winds, however it is often a step that easily overlooked or forgotten. If one of your windows is left open and air is flowing through your home, the air pressure in your home will expand rapidly and something else could potentially give way such as another window, a door, or even your roof. Prevent your home from becoming vulnerable to high winds by double checking that all windows and doors are not only closed, but locked securely. Vulnerable doors, such as sliding glass doors may need to be boarded up depend on the MPH of winds. If you reside in an area which is considered high risk for hurricanes, consider installing permanent storm shutters / wind resistant windows and doors.

Get Rid of Close or Weak Trees

Falling trees can not only cause tremendous damage to your home, but can also cause various safety hazards and injuries. Make sure trees are far enough away from your home to prevent damage if they fall. If you don’t wish to remove trees that are closer to your home, remove any loose branches or trees that appear unstable to prevent your car and home falling victim to a chunk of a tree flying through it.

Stay Calm

The most important tip of all is to remain calm if an emergency situation does occur. You can achieve this by creating an emergency plan for severe weather conditions. For example, if a tree, object or the wind itself does break a window or door, know where you and your family will go in your home that is a safe place to wait until the storm is over. Pick a place that has minimal to no openings to the outside, if your home does not have a basement or windowless room, the hallway may be the safest place to be. 

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