Protecting your home against lightning strikes and damage.

[fa icon="calendar'] Jul 12, 2018 8:30:00 AM posted in Emergency Preparedness, Storm Damage, Home safety, Lightning damage, Lightning strike

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Picturesque displays of lightning can be highly captivating to the casual onlooker but in reality these forces can bring up to and over a million volts of electricity. Lightning, along with its visual beauty, brings extreme inconsistency as to where it will strike next. While it is probably not widely acknowledged, lightning is indeed the most menacing and frequently encountered weather hazard that most people encounter each year.  A direct strike can not only tear through roofs and ignite fires but a secondary strike can potentially hit a nearby tree or power line producing structural damage and causing unwanted surges into your home respectively. Additionally, lightning strikes are the number one cause of damage to submerged well pumps. Lightning can also create havoc on appliances and electronics in your home, which, along with structural damage, can prove to be costly. 

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