Atlantic Hurricane Season 2017 - Being Prepared

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Atlantic Hurricane Season 2017; Being Prepared

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The 2017 Atlantic hurricane season is an ongoing event in the annual formation of tropical cyclones in the Atlantic basin, and the most destructive season since 2005. Needless to say, this hurricane season has been non-bias and relentless. Each passing week another storm, stronger and bolder than its predecessor, is brewing. The imposing size of these hurricanes can be captivating, however storms not to be taken casually.  Regardless of region these cyclones can strike with unforeseen force. While it holds true that most hurricanes make their landfall in the Caribbean, Gulf coast or the Southeast Atlantic coast we do not have to remember too far back the impact of Irene, Sandy, and Floyd with devastating after-effects.  With all that said it is essential to revisit what one should do when preparing for a hurricane. Storm tracks can be unpredictable, therefore being prepared for hurricane season is imperative.


Colossal Storms Equal Mandatory Evacuations

It is crucial to understand that if there is an obligatory evacuation order, then planning an escape must be your first priority. Ideally navigating your local evacuation route when weather permits as well as learning alternative routes can ease anxiety, provide protection, shelter, safety and well-being.


Supplies, Preparation, and Action!

With modern day technology, we can see potential storms on the rise several days in advance.  In such cases, it is vital, if not crucial, to have all necessary supplies on hand.  Waiting until the hurricane is only a few days out could have you waiting in long lines or even missing out on the most necessary of supplies.  


Some of the most essential supplies include but are not limited to; a) water; b) blankets; c) clothing; d) medications; e) flashlights; f) extra batteries, g) first aid kits; h) extra cash (hurricanes can bring down power sources which will lead to your credit cards being useless); i) local maps, and; j) baby supplies, should you have children, etc.


Planning for your pets should be considered as well. Making sure if you have enough supplies and food for your pets is the first step. Identifying pet friendly hotels and/or shelters along the evacuation route can help ease the evacuation process. If you cannot find a pet friendly hotel or shelter than it is important to find a boarding facility or animal hospital near your evacuation shelter.


Also of extreme importance is to keep copies of relevant documents in a water-resistant case. Credentials such as birth certificates, social security cards, proof of ownership records for homes and cars, etc. Also backing up electronics such as computers, charging phones, keeping pertinent phone numbers handy as well as having a full tank of gas is especially important!

Property Insurance Clarification

Whether highlander or coastliner, renter or homeowner, it is key to have an appreciation and understanding of your insurance coverage. Additionally, and of significance, is having flood insurance. Present-day storms have become so massive, volatile and incalculable that safe areas from flooding are of great concern. Understanding your car insurance is also important. Check if your provider offers flood insurance for your vehicle that protects against flooding or better yet make sure your car is parked in a secure location before a storm hits.


The old adage, “It’s better to be safe than sorry” holds extremely true in this day-in-age. Hurricane paths have not only become unpredictable but out of control, vast and resilient. Preparing ahead of time is not only smart but could one day save you and your loved ones.

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